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Fridge Repair

Your trusted fridge repair technicians

A refrigerator is one of the most important household appliances. A meagerbreakdown can cause too much inconvenience. Washing Machine Hero ensures thatyou don’t keep waiting for technicians to arrive. We respond promptly to repaircalls, enabling us to deliver efficient, fast, and professional fridge repairs.

Why choose Washing Machine Hero for your fridge repair service

Our expert technicians bring along experience, expertise, and highlyprofessional work ethics. Washing Machine Hero is a trusted & reputed appliancerepair company.

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When it comes to fridge repair services, experience matters the most.Thankfully, we have an extensive team of experienced repairmen at yourservice. Every professional is highly trained and knows this work like the backof his hand.

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Fast response

We understand that even a slight breakdown in your refrigerator needs a quickfix otherwise your food will be wasted. Therefore, we are quick to respond toyour repair calls. Our technicians arrive at your location with all the tools andexpertise needed to repair the refrigerator quickly.

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Professional technicians

Our professional technicians make us stand out from the crowd. Before hiring atechnician, we perform a comprehensive background check & train him toprovide the industry standard work. Our recruitment process is rigorous,ensuring that only the best are selected to serve you

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Affordable prices

We provide industry-standard work at an affordable cost. You get the bestquality & guaranteed work without burning a hole in your pocket.

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100% guaranteed work

At Washing Machine Hero, we take full responsibility and ownership of our services.That’s why a guarantee of 2 to 12 months is provided for the servicesdelivered.

Types of Refrigerators that We Repair

At Washing Machine Hero, our refrigerator repair services aren’t limited to a few typesof refrigerators. With our deep expertise and experience of repairing bothdomestic & commercial-grade refrigerators, we take on any kind of refrigeratorwith full confidence. We can repair any types, models, and sizes ofrefrigerators including French door refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators, andbottom-mount freezers, etc.

Fridge Brands that We Repair

We undertake fridge repair for many brands including but not limited to:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Hisense
  • Fisher
  • Paykel
  • Haier

Being a full-service appliance repair company, we also provide original spare parts and replacement parts that we get directly from the company.

Common Fridge Problems that We Repair

Your household can’t function properly without a fridge. An unattended littlefault can lead to a major breakdown. If your refrigerator is not workingoptimally and causing inconvenience of any type, it’s time to call an experttechnician.

Some of the fridge issues that we commonly repair include:

  • A leaking refrigerator
  • Not enough cooling
  • Excessive energy consumption/poor energy efficiency
  • Refrigerator compressor not working
  • Torn door seal or door gasket

Why you Need Refrigerator Repair Service

Often, a little fault is a sign of something major breakdown in the process. Anunattended minor fault ultimately leads to a major failure. Regardless ofwhether it’s a minor issue or major issue, call us now and let our experts get tothe root cause.

Timely repair doesn’t only increase the life of your refrigerator but saves youfrom a major cost as well. Even a slight issue can disrupt the efficiency of yourrefrigerator. As a result, the refrigerator consumes too much energy only toproduce insufficient cooling. Poor efficiency leads to high energy bills.

If you observe something irregular in your refrigerator, then get the services ofexpert technicians for a timely fix.

Looking for highly professional, affordable, and efficient fridge repair servicesat the hands of an expert? Call Washing Machine Hero now for quick assistance!