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Oven Repair

Oven troubles? Let our specialized professional bring it back to the perfectcondition

Just like any other home appliance, the oven is an essential part of your kitchen. If it’s not working optimally, then you need expert oven repair services.

At Washing Machine Hero, we have certified & highly trained oven repair specialists at your disposal. Our highly reliable & efficient oven repair services are just a call away from you.

Why Choose Washing Machine Hero for Your Oven Repair

Being a full-service appliance repair company, oven repair is something we arespecialized in. A microwave oven is a complex kitchen appliance, so it needs expert attention at the hands of specialists. Thankfully, we offer a perfect blend of professionalism, efficiency, experience, and affordability to our clients.

When you put your trust in Washing Machine Hero, you get:

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Expert technicians

One of the major reasons to choose us over any other company is our extensive team of expert technicians. They have years of experience in repairing & maintenance of domestic and industrial ovens, which makes us a preferred choice.

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Courteous staff from neighbor company

We perceive every client as our only client. We’re dedicated to serving our neighbors in the best way possible.

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Workmanship & service warrantied

Our experts hold the highest level of workmanship. They’re professional and experienced in what they do. Moreover, we offer 2-12 months of warranty on our services.

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Efficient Services

Washing Machine Hero focuses on satisfying every customer. Being a customer-centriccompany, we ensure efficient services at an affordable cost.

Common Oven Repairs We Undertake

Being an experienced company, no job is tough for our technicians. However, we don’t take any repair lightly or casually. We are fully committed to dealing with any kind of issue with professionalism. Through our highly professional repair services, we ensure that your refrigerator works perfectly.

Some of the common repair services we provide on a daily basis include:

  • Minor repairs without disassembling the microwave oven.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Complex repairs, including its disassembly and replacement of various components.
  • Dismantling of equipment from the furniture.
  • Circuit board repair.
  • Replacing or cleaning the backing plate.
  • Replacement of magnetron, electric motor, inverter.

One of our focuses is to arrange & equip your refrigerator with the best quality parts. Our technicians understand each make & model..

Oven Brands that We Repair.

No brand is difficult for us. At Appliance Hero, our experts have in-depth knowledge of each brand, which include but not limited to:

  • LG
  • Chef
  • Fisher
  • Paykel
  • Phillips
  • Samsung
  • Maytag
  • Electrolux
  • Hisense
  • Kenwood

A Little Extra Care Goes a Long Way!

A Little Extra Care Goes a Long Way!

Remember that all such problems are avoidable. All you need is to adopt the precautions and little extra care when using the microwave. Keeping it safe from dangerous material and using the best practices goes a long way in improving its durability.

Customer Care

Contact Washing Machine Hero for your Oven Repairs

Regardless of the issue in your oven, our experts are ready to serve you. Whether you need routine check, repair of a minor issue or part replacement, we have you covered.

Washing Machine Hero has qualified & expert technicians at your disposal in Australia. Our experts bring along years of experience, expertise, and dedication to serving the customers. Oven is a complex appliance and any minor or major issue should only be dealt with expert hands. Delaying any minor fix can lead to a major breakdown and poor energy efficiency. So make sure to hire the best professionals for ovens.

Washing Machine Hero offers peace of mind to the clients and ensures the best services in the following ways:

  • Repair of microwave ovens at home - significantly saves the time and finances of the customer.
  • Provide efficient & high-quality repairs at affordable rates.
  • Availability of best-grade oven parts.
  • Guaranteed work and spare parts.

If your oven is encountering any irregularities in its working, then it indicates the presence of an underlying condition. In such a case, the best step to take ispick up your phone and call our expert technicians for professional assistance.

Looking for a professional & high-quality oven diagnostic & repair service? Getin touch with Washing Machine Hero for the best oven services.